15 July 2009

Luscious, yes?

Want to know what happens when I eat a mango popsicle?

My lips decide they want to fall off. They get bumpy (see the bottom lip). They crack (see the top lip). Puss comes out and makes really lovely scabs (see the top lip). And the itching! OH THE ITCHING! I would say it's one step below having poison ivy on my lips.

And yet, I can't wait to have another mango popsicle. Only, this time I will put it in a bowl and eat it with a fork.


Packrat said...

Ooo, please be careful. Maybe you are really allergic to something in the popsicle. Can you eat mangos without this happening?

Angela Noelle said...

How is that your lips still look surprisingly loverrrrly?

AmiZOOKey said...

Chris ate a mango my Mum gave him once - skin on. It was his first time and he didn't know - he thought it was rather overrated and not particularly sweet at all.