03 July 2012

When Mom is Doped Up

In my "Whirlwind Weeks" post I mentioned that something amusing had happened on a day when I wasn't feeling well. Here's the story (and photo!):

On Wednesday throughout the day I felt pretty blah. Eric came home from work and took a nap because he felt the same. Ike seemed to be a slower version of his normal self, although he didn't seem to have any particular symptoms. I spent the evening trying to distract myself from my nausea and actually getting a fair amount of work done once the boy went down to bed. As I was getting ready for bed I remembered that I have a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine. My doctor gave it to me at my very first appointment because I had such severe migraines for the first few weeks of my pregnancy. These particular migraines were often accompanied by fairly bad nausea, so my doctor gave me prescriptions for both the migraines and the nausea. I had only taken maybe two of the anti-nausea pills because after getting the prescriptions filled I rarely had migraine or nausea problems. (Hooray!) One thing I knew for sure from taking the nausea medicine was that it worked, and it totally knocked me out. Not only that, but I frequently found it hard to get over the accompanying exhaustion, long after the pill had worn off.

Still, in great need of a good night's sleep and knowing that my nausea would keep me up all night, I decided to take one of those anti-nausea pills. It worked. I was able to sleep.

Only I wasn't really able to wake up on Thursday morning. I woke up a little bit, and I was dimly cognizant of the things going on around me, but mostly I was in some sort of anti-nausea drug hangover. I know Ike slept in quite late that morning - I think close to 8, which is really a big deal in our house. I vaguely remember Eric getting Ike out of bed and bringing him to our room as he got ready for work and headed out the door.

At some point I got up and got the child some milk and tried to feed him breakfast. He wasn't interested. I also changed a diaper. I also broke my "binkies are for bedtime" rule and gave my child a binkie, primarily so he would be a little more pacified and calm about the fact that I was 100% completely ignoring him. And then I went back to sleep. I dozed off and on for the next little while. I could hear Ike rummaging through bathroom cabinets, emptying laundry bins, throwing toys down the stairs and generally being a toddler. As time wore on I heard not a lot of noise at all, except for the consistent sucking on the pacifier. It was lovely and helped me sleep better.

Then somebody from work called and asked me to take care of some work stuff that was fairly urgent. I was finally able to pull myself out of bed. And I found this on my bedroom floor:
Yes, his shirt says "Crabby." No, it does not fit his personality at all.
I snapped this picture with my super awesome flip-phone camera, and then I moved Ike to his bed.

I did the work stuff, then went back to sleep until 1, in case you were wondering. Then I got up, and Ike followed shortly thereafter. (Yes, the child napped from roughly 10-1:30. He's a gem.) I still managed to put in like three hours of work that day. And I managed to get dressed and get my child dressed before Eric got home. It was a good day.

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