10 July 2012

26 Weeks

Actually, this was 26 weeks and 2 days. I wore this top (with a black skirt) to church on Sunday and I had a few people comment that I was finally looking pregnant. Others were surprised to know I was pregnant at all.

I like this top because it is not a maternity top, but it I can totally keep wearing it for a long time. Plus it's one of only a few non-solid tops that I own.

In totally unrelated news to pregnancy or anything, I got stung by a wasp today. Twice. Boohoo. I had been watering the plants outside when I heard Ike scream and cry. He was around the front of the house where a known wasp nest has been unsuccessfully attacked with poison. I immediately thought he might have been stung and ran to rescue him. When I saw him on the steps I wasn't sure if he had been stung and then had fallen or perhaps had just fallen. In my swift mama bear rescue, the wasps, who were already agitated about us being outside to begin with, attacked me as I grabbed Ike and rushed into the house. I brought the child upstairs and took off his clothes which were soaking wet from him "helping" me water the plants. I didn't see any wasp stings, so I think he just fell down, which is something he does all the time. That was a boring story, so just enjoy the part where I have a slightly pregnant belly.

Also enjoy how the front of my hair is so blonde. And maybe also notice the little farmer's tan on my arm. Thanks, gardening!


Jenny said...

you're a cute pregnant lady!

Jana said...

My most sincere condolences on the wasp stings - the itchiness on those is dreadful. Also, I like your hair and also you make 26 weeks (and two days) pregnant look really good!!