29 July 2012

Trip to Seattle

Last week we drove to Seattle to spend a few days with Eric's sister and her family. We went camping, hiking and canoeing in Olympic National Park, visited the Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder (and now I finally understand the concept of the locks, which Eric had tried a number of times to explain to me. I am a very visual learner.), went to the Woodland Park Zoo and went canoeing again in Lake Washington. It was fun hanging out with Matt and Michelle, and as always, entertaining to watch our kids interact. Their little boy is about a year and a half older than Ike, and he is a very cuddly and nurturing child. He very much wanted to help take care of Ike, and it was super cute.

Speaking of cute, Ike did a few cute things while we were gallivanting about. One night his cousin insisted that they sleep in the same room. This went okay until the cousin woke up in the middle of the night needing water, which then woke Ike up. He was quite distraught to find himself in an unusual place in the middle of the night, and he was crying a lot, so I brought him into my bed. (It's a long story, but Eric slept on a twin-sized air mattress and I slept on a taller queen-sized air mattress.) Ike went straight to sleep. At one point I woke up and saw him literally standing up and leaning over the bed, totally asleep. Standing. And sleeping.

When I went to get him from nursery on Sunday he was sleeping in some stranger's arms. He didn't even stir when he was passed off to my arms or when I passed him off to Eric. This was the day after our camping trip, and he was totally exhausted. Clearly.

After coming home from church on Sunday Matt was fixing a delicious Thai meal, and Ike was getting pretty hungry and impatient. He sat down at a little table, folded his arms and said, "Jesus. Amen." It was the first two-word statement he has strung together so far, and he has yet to do it again. At any rate, his first "sentence" was a prayer. My kid is super righteous.

He learned and practiced new animal sounds. He can now bark, meow, moo, roar, quack, and crinkle his nose like a bunny. Only, he can't actually crinkle his nose like a bunny; instead he just winks.

And now more pictures than you ever cared to see.

Kalaloch Beach
Hoh Rainforest

Ruby Beach
 Lake Crescent

Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder

 Woodland Park Zoo

Lake Washington

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Jenn said...

Haha, I'm glad your kid is so righteous.