02 July 2012

Summer Safety

Two summers ago I pulled a struggling nephew out of a pool. He had gone in without his floaties. It was a terrifying experience for me, and I'm certain it scared the daylights out of him too. It wasn't until last summer that I realized how much danger my nephew truly was in on that afternoon in Park City in August 2010. This article has been widely shared on Facebook and throughout the interwebs, and if you haven't read it yet, please do it right now. In short, drowning does not look like drowning. We are so accustomed to the dramatizations of drownings that we've seen on TV and in the movies, but those are not realistic. When a person is in true distress they can be hardly noticeable.

In this hemisphere it is summer. Be aware of the people around you in pools, especially children. Read the article. Recognize the signs. Be safe.

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Angela Noelle said...

I'd seen this, and I think it is SO important. I think we all need reminded regularly!