27 February 2012

Kudos to Netflix

Back in the middle of January I mentioned that The Help had been in our Netflix queue for some time, but that we still hadn't received it. I also said that we'd maybe have to go get it from Redbox because I was sick of waiting for it. Well, by the time I looked for it in the Redbox machine at my local grocery store, and they no longer had it, which was sad. This meant if I wanted to watch it I'd just have to wait until Netflix sent it to me. It couldn't be too much longer right?

Six weeks later, still no The Help. I looked online to see if I could submit a complaint or something, but all I found was a toll-free number. I hatehatehatehatehate being on hold, so I was hesitant to call, but there didn't seem to be an alternative way to find out when the heck they'd send me the movie that's been at the top of my queue for like three months. (And which I had added to the queue while the film was still in theaters. If I hear a movie is good, I add it to my queue. Otherwise, by the time it has come to DVD I will have forgotten about it.) Anyway, I reluctantly dialed the number and the recording told me the wait would be less than a minute. On the website where it listed the toll-free number, it also provided a code, which I guess is similar to an account number so the support person would be able to review my queue and such things. The automated system asked me to put in the code, and immediately after that I was directed to a real, live person who sounded like a native-English speaker. (I'm not actually that opposed to support folks who are not Native-English speakers. Many times I find their English to be very good and their help to also be very good. But I have had a few times where I just could not for the life of me make out what those folks were saying, and that is irritating.)

Anyway, I told the guy that I was frustrated that this movie had been at the top of my queue for a long time, and that I had put it there ages ago. He reviewed my queue, apologized and said that I had added it back in early December. Then he said that the Salt Lake Netflix shipping center didn't have any copies available, so he'd have it shipped from another nearby state. Not only that, but he said he'd ship it right away as a bonus DVD to make up for the very long wait.

So it should arrive tomorrow. And that was some good customer service, so I thought I'd share and give a virtual high-five to Netflix.

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Jenny said...

that was some good HELP!