04 March 2012

Old Family Photos

On Friday my aunt sent me a Facebook message asking if I'd be interested in some scans of some old family photos she has. She mentioned which branch of the family they were from, and it happens to be the part of the family that I have spent literally hundreds of hours researching. I was excited to see what she'd send, and I expected them to be primarily of my grandparents and great-grandmother. She ended up sending me so much more than that, and I was just beyond thrilled. I immediately downloaded them to my computer and then got them uploaded to my online tree so other people can have access to them. I won't bore you with them because they are just strangers to you, but I still wanted to share in my excitement, at least a little bit.

One of my favorite pictures was this one, of my paternal grandfather and his mother. My grandfather was an only child, and I'm certain quite the prize to his parents. At first glance the boy reminded me a lot of my older brother, Steven, which is interesting because everyone knows my brothers and I take after our mom's side of the family, not our dad's. I looked for a photo of my brother that I could compare this one to, but I couldn't find one that was a really good fit. You might just have to trust me.

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Jenny said...

I'm just so happy for you!!!