08 March 2012


I've spent a few days trying to decide the best way to write this post. I think no matter how I tell it it will be funny, but I'm sure there would be one way that would make it the most funny. In any event, here you go:

Back in 2008 when we lived in New Zealand, I got an idea that I thought was both clever and hilarious. I opened up Eric's email account and sent an email to myself. (We used the same computer, and generally we just operated different browsers so neither one of us would ever have to log out of our email or other accounts. We are lazy like that.) The email said something like, "I love it when you tickle me. Love, Eric." Then, I went into my email and replied to the email that Eric had sent me. (Of course, he didn't send the email at all.) So, Eric received my reply, and of course was a little confused about when he had ever sent the first email. But he's no dummy, and he figured things out pretty quickly. Still, it gave me the opportunity to tickle him and tell him and that I didn't understand why he wouldn't want me to tickle him after his email had said how much he liked it. (Eric's very ticklish. In case you hadn't figured that out.)

Fast forward to last Sunday.

Our camera cord has been missing for a year, so we use Eric's work laptop, which he brings home periodically, to get the pictures off our camera card. I was working on the desktop in our office, and he was working on his laptop, also in the office. For some reason he wasn't able to get his computer to read the SD card, so he handed me his laptop. I was able to get it to work, and I pulled off the few photos that were on the card. Eric's email account was open, so I attached the pictures to an email to send to myself. I included with the photos a message that said, "Feel free to tickle me any time." I rather mindlessly typed the first couple of letters of my name into the "to" field, hit the down arrow to select my name and then hit send.

I handed Eric his computer and said, "You should look at your sent mail." About 10 seconds later he said, "No, I think you should look at my sent mail."

I had not selected my own name in the "to" field. I had selected my sister-in-law, Shalissa's name. (She is married to Eric's brother, so our last names are the same.) So, Eric's brother's wife received an email with pictures of our child (not too odd) and a message that said, "Feel free to tickle me any time." (Very odd.)

We laughed so hard that I cried. Then I quickly jotted off a little email to Shalissa letting her in on the little joke and revoking any permission Eric may have ever given her to tickle him.


Janssen said...

This was just as funny as it was when you told me. I love this story. If you could still share on Google Reader, I would share this post.

Ana said...


Angela Noelle said...

This IS funny.

Somehow it's less funny when I do such things.
Maybe it's something to do with the numbness of doing them so. darn. often.