11 February 2012


Ike doesn't really like the vacuum. He's okay with it until I turn it on, and then he turns around and hightails it out of the area I'm vacuuming. But then he always gets curious and comes back around to observe from a safe distance. Yesterday I was vacuuming the stairs, and he was standing at the top of the stairs looking very concerned. I told him the scary thing was not the vacuum but the fact that our carpets need vacuuming so often, and we only have one kid in the house. Also, I told him no cats or dogs. Ever.


Priscilla said...

Why is it that children and dogs are afraid of the vacuum? I can remember being afraid of the vacuum. Now, it's funny to watch my niece and nephew be afraid. I won't even lie, some of my favorite memories involve terrifying a dog with a vacuum!

Henry Gay said...

Hmmm.. They may be scared because of the sound it makes and how it sucks the dirt from the carpet. Maybe the think it's some sort of enemy. They'll soon realize its importance. :-)

Henry Gay