18 February 2012

The Weekend So Far

There is a large furniture store going out of business in the Sale Lake area, so Eric and I decided to make a date of last night and go there. I picked him up from work, and then we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. Our kid was so enthralled with all the people in the restaurant he hardly ate anything, but it sure was cute to watch him stare at all the employees and other customers. We went to the furniture store, and there certainly are a lot of great deals going on, but we didn't love anything enough to blow our budget. One of these days I'll have matching bedroom set. (Currently we have two end tables we got at a thrift store. Our bed is on a metal frame, but no headboard or footboard. And we have no dresser.) Ike acted like a crazy person in the store and ran all around while Eric chased him. He spent some time in a stroller as well, but that was not nearly as entertaining. We headed home, and on our way bought a 40-pound box of skinless, boneless chicken breasts for $60.00. It wasn't as awesome as when we bought a box for $40 two years ago, but it was a much better deal than I've seen in a long while. We came home, fed our starving kid and put him to bed about two hours later than usual. The chicken breasts were supposed to be frozen, but they actually weren't, so we went ahead and put them in freezer bags and crammed them into the freezer. We spent a while watching some television shows on the interwebs, and then we crashed.

Despite going to bed at an absurdly late hour, Ike woke up at 6:30, which wasn't that bad since I'm not the one who gets up with him these days. Eric got him up and took him to pick up our produce from Bountiful Baskets. While he was downstairs feeding Ike and planning how we will use our produce, I pulled myself out of bed and joined them in the kitchen. We munched on goodies, and I finally started making baba ghanoush with the eggplant we got from the co-op last week. Meanwhile, Eric busied himself making horse muffins (a muffin whose primary ingredients are carrots, apples and oats, which is why we call them horse muffins, even though that is not what they were originally titled.) I finished up the horse muffins while Eric gave Ike a bath. He's about to go down for a nap, and then the rest of our day will continue. We'll probably make some banana bread, thereby freeing up the space in our freezer that is currently occupied by a bunch of frozen bananas. Plus I'll finish making the baba ghanoush.

Tonight we're going to dinner and to see the Utah Symphony play Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto, courtesy of Eric's parents. Eric got the tickets for his birthday in September, making this probably the longest planned date we've ever had.

I got up so much earlier than I usually do on a Saturday (before 8!). I feel like the day has just started, but there is still so much time left. I should do this more often. (Not actually going to happen.)

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