03 February 2012

Fashion Challenge - Days 4-10

Kayla's winter fashion challenge is now over. As you will recall, I posted pictures of my outfits for the first three prompts last week. My fashion ensembles for the rest of the prompts are below.

Day 4's assignment was to "channel someone." I didn't do it that very day, but I did on the following Sunday. I channeled my inner Ensign model. Gray skirt from Banana Republic. Pink cardigan given to me by my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas many moons ago (2004). Gray button-up shirt purchased from Liz Claiborne when I was a junior in high school. Pink headband from Ross.
Day 5 was pattern mixing. I did not do it because I do not have many patterned items and because there are no viable pattern combos among the clothes I do have. I have several striped shirts and sweaters, a couple of argyle sweaters, one polka-dotted top that I never wear because it is kind of wonky and weird, and a couple of paisley-floral-ish tops, one of which is a little big and works best as a maternity shirt. I have no patterned pants. I have three non-solid skirts, and as you can see the patterns are just not mixable with my tops. And yes, I did go to the trouble of pulling out all my patterned clothes and photographing them just so I could have an excuse for not participating in Day 5.

The assignment for Day 6 was "Decade or Region." Bam. I found this shirt in my mom's closet when I was like 16. It was one of my favorite tops in high school, and I really needed to pull it out and wear it. I happened to not leave the house at all that day, besides to go to the mailbox, and that is a crying shame. But for the sake of being positive at least this one time, let's give a big huzzah to the fashion challenge for getting me to find something I really super duper liked.

Day 7 was Bright Colors. Easy Peasy. I wear a lot of bright colors, so it was hard to decide which clothes to wear. I went with the yellow shirt I wore last week for the layering day. The orange sweater I got from somewhere in 2004. And I have a green one just like it that I am currently wearing. I love these sweaters. Only 3 days left to go. Everyone stay with me.

Actually, there's not much left to stay with. I really fizzled here at the end. Day 8's assignment was to dress up a coat. I thought I'd put a really cool pin on my brown coat that I wear pretty much every day, but then I realized I do not have a pin. Not a one. Too bad. But there was a very lovely sunrise that morning.

Day 9 was an OTI, "Open To Interpretation." The idea is that you look at the photo on Kayla's post and wear an outfit somewhat loosely based on that one. I just didn't have anything that I felt remotely went along the lines of the photo, and I had a really early meeting for work (8 a.m.! What is wrong with those corporate people?) Plus I had to look moderately nice at said meeting, so I really couldn't risk wearing something that was ultimately kind of goofy because I had to make an impression on people who do not really know me.

Day 10's assignment was to do something that scares us. I don't have any fashion things that scare me. I just have a million fashion things I don't like. So I didn't do today's assignment either.

So that's a 60% completion rate. Good thing I'm not getting graded. Also good thing this challenge is over and I can go back to looking like a bum most days. (Also Eric is glad because maybe now I will quite whining about my lack of clothing when in fact I have more clothes than the majority of people in the world.) (But with that said, do you realize how many things I own that were given to me or purchased in 2004? Yikes.)


Janssen said...

I remember those green and orange sweaters well.

Ana said...

What are you talking about?!? ;)

Tops I would wear (from your patterned selection) and what I would wear them with -
I would wear your blue and black striped top, the black and red striped top (thin-ish stripes), the tiny polka dotty shirt and the lighter argyle top.
I would pair the blue and black striped top with the middle skirt OR the skirt on the left.
The black and red striped top I would pair with the left skirt and prob the middle skirt.
The tiny polka dotty shirt I would pair with the skirt on the left.
The argyle top I would pair with the middle skirt or the skirt on the left.
Oh and I almost forgot I'd pair the grey and white striped sweater with either the middle or right skirt too.

Now you're all set for next time! ;)

Ana said...

oops I meant I would pair the argyle top with the middle or right skirt :)

Leighana said...

Cute! I like that you channeled an ensign model! Haha

Michelle said...

I don't believe in mixing patterns, in most cases it looks like you got dressed in the dark. I love the ensign Model outfit!

Michelle said...
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Mariah said...

I think you could pair any of your striped shirts with the middle skirt. Maybe that could have been your scary outfit?