10 January 2012


You know how some days are full of getting stuff done and are super productive and you are really proud of yourself at the end of the day? Those days never occur on Mondays for me. Except yesterday. It was awesome.

First of all, I always work from home on Mondays. And because Mondays are always lousy I usually consider it a good Monday if I can put in two hours of work. (This is also because sometimes I don't have enough work to do on Mondays since I am usually in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays - meaning I'm done with everything I brought home for the week.) Yesterday I worked 4.1 hours. (Yes, we log our time in increments of 6 minutes so that we bill clients as accurately as possible.) I'm afraid that with all my parenthetical comments you may have missed the point of this paragraph. It is thus: usually less than two hours of work, yesterday four!

I made a really good dinner. It was pasta in sun-dried tomatoes in cream sauce and blue cheese and cheddar scalloped potatoes. It was a very creamy dinner, but that was because I purchased the cream very discounted since it was about to go bad, so I had to use it very quickly.

I vacuumed the stairs while my child threw his Little People (which are really zoo and circus and farm animals) down the stairs from behind the baby gate at the top. He learned this game from his father and his grandpa, who  let him sit at the top of the stairs and chuck tennis balls at them.

I put on real clothes and wore make-up and my hair still looked good from the day before, which totally counts as "doing" my hair.

I made the bed. (I would say this gets done about 80% of the days of the week.)

I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it again and then hand-washed the pots from dinner.

I thought about exercising but ultimately did not because I messed up my hip being too enthusiastic on the elliptical machine and then later taking a flying leap over the baby gate. I hope to be back on the machine tomorrow.

And it wasn't yesterday, but today my curtains arrived in the mail and I will be hanging them with Eric as soon as I finish what I'm doing right now. So, check off that to-do from my 2012 goals.


Janssen said...

See Monday is usually my mega productive day. And then Tuesday I sit around like a lump.

Jenny said...

go YOU!!!