25 January 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

 Let's just get the exciting stuff out of the way. Ike broke his arm. Here's how it happened:

On my work-at-home days, I hang out for a good portion of the day in our upstairs office that faces the street. I keep the blinds open mostly because I like sunshine, but also because I like to see what's going on outside. It was last week that I realized my kid might like to see what was going on outside too. The neighbors across the street were getting some exercise equipment delivered. So I pulled the blinds all the way up and let Ike stand in the windowsill to watch. Then the next day he watched the rubbish truck do its thing up one side of the road. Then I quickly got him dressed and plopped him back in his windowsill to watch the truck come back the other way. He was totally mesmerized. Later that day he stood in the windowsill some more, eagerly hoping that something awesome would happen on the street. He did get to see his babysitter come out to bring her rubbish bin back to the side of the house, and he was so excited to see her. (She lives across the street and two doors down.) On Sunday he stood in the window sill and watched Eric leave for his morning meeting. And then he promptly fell out of the windowsill because I am a negligent mother.

He cried for a little bit but then settled down. Everything was okay, and he took a nap. The rest of the day proceeded as a usual horrible Sunday with one o'clock church.I noticed when I changed him over the next couple of days that he whined a lot when I pulled his arm in and out of sleeves while dressing him. Because I am a negligent mother I let him keep doing that thinking that he'd probably get over what was bothering him in a day or two. Last night he was climbing the stairs when he suddenly began to wail, and for the first time in this whole ordeal, hold his arm. Eric and I decided to call the pediatrician's office, which has extended hours a couple of nights per week. The nurse on duty told me that if this had been going on for a few days I ought to bring him in. So I sent Eric. And then the nurse practitioner sent Eric and Ike over to the hospital to get x-rays. Ike cried a lot during the x-rays as they put his arm in all the positions to get the shots they needed. The technician said he couldn't see anything obviously wrong with the arm, but based on how Ike was behaving there was probably something wrong. He was right.

Shortly after Eric got home the nurse practitioner called to say that he had two very minor fractures - one in the radius, and one in the ulna. She said to make an appointment to get the boy a cast on Thursday, so that's what we'll be doing tomorrow morning.

With all that said, the kid is as chipper as ever. If it weren't for the whining when we pull his arm through his sleeves neither one of us would have any idea that anything was wrong with the kid.


Janssen said...

yikes! Glad he's okay.

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I'm not thinking "negligent" AT ALL. I AM thinking he sounds like a rad kid!