07 June 2011

Saturday's Loot

  1. Stroller. It's nice because it folds up really small, but it still can hold an infant carrier on top. $2.
  2. Backpack carrier for hiking. $5
  3. High chair. The black thing on top of it is a cushion so the high chair doesn't scratch the kitchen chair that the high chair sets upon. Also, it has a tray that pops out and is dish-washer safe. $5
  4. Monkey Halloween costume. $2.50
  5. Office chair! No more sitting on a folding chair while I work at my desk all day! $5.
  6. Various books. $1.25
  7. Brand new earplugs. $0.25
  8. Sledge hammer. $1
  9. Puzzle. $0.50
  10. Bathroom scale. $1
  11. Cloth diapers (eight newborn size, never used). $2
  12. Spinny toy thing. $0.50 (We got this because I loved them as a kid and never had one.)
Total: $26

Eric has been hitting up the garage sales on his own for a few consecutive Saturdays. He convinced me to come along this time. It was a lot of fun. Ike was very well behaved, and we're really happy with our purchases - especially the stroller.

We had purchased another stroller that was used and came with a carseat, but I wasn't with Eric when he bought it. I told him to buy it if he though it was a good deal, which it was. But the carseat itself is not really stellar. (We have a carseat that our friends lent to us, so at some point we need our own.) Plus, the stroller that came with that carseat is enormous. It's very impractical. So, I'm happy to have a smaller umbrella stroller that can hold a carseat but can also just hold a child independently and doesn't take up my entire trunk or coat closet.

Also, so dang excited about the monkey costume.


P1 Steven said...
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P1 Steven said...

Garage sales are great. I bet there is plenty of kids stuff in Utah. My wife likes to buy old toys not made in China. You can also get great buys @ Estate Auctions. The sledge hammer for $1 is very good too! I have curiously checking out storage unit auctions myself.

Jessica Leigh said...

That's awesome! My grandpa used to drive around town in his motor chair visiting garage sales and returning home with some... interesting... finds, but it always amazes me how many good things can be found as well!

I, too, love the costume! So cute :)

Angela Noelle of SK said...

Ah-mazing. I bow to you both.

Mariah said...

The thing I was excited about here was the cloth nappies (or diapers I suppose you called them). 8, never used, for $2! That's awesome! (You can tell I'm a cloth nappy mother...)

Also the computer chair. Very nice for $5.

WELL DONE. I'm a little jealous.

Alice said...

Yes you all did great, and it is nice to have fun while you are getting what you want at good pricees.

Jenn said...

Wow, I am impressed! Craigslist is usually my default for purchasing baby items, but it looks like I should be trying out the garage sales, too!

Packrat said...

Great deals! Used to love yard sales. Now I do the thrift shops, but if I watch carefully, the bargains are close to the same.

Carrie said...

awesomeness. The backpack is also handy for carting your child around while you do things. My brother uses it with his 2 year old while he mows the lawn. ROFL- I just imagined you using it at work. THAT would be awesome.
And apparently I need to hit up garage sales more.

Erin Gong said...

Love garage sales!