26 June 2011


I've been wanting to grow cilantro for ages. I use a ton of it in cooking, and Eric and I both love it. I started growing it without even bothering to read about it online or even asking people who know a lot about gardening.It started out great, and has continued to do well. So excited to just start picking the leaves right off the plant!


Ana said...

What do you use it in? I had coriander growing in the garden but I didn't use it often enough and it went to seed and died.

Apparently you can make pesto with it instead of basil but I'm not brave enough to try. Try it for me and let me know? :)

Packrat said...

Love cilantro! Broke down and bought one plant because we had a difficult time getting the seeds to sprout or seedlings to stay alive. Now, suddenly we have several plants.

Note to Ana, if you grow cilantro/coriander again, pinch off the tops so it won't go to seed. If you haven't weeded your garden, some volunteer plants from the seeds could come up.

P1 Steven said...

Fresh cilantro is GREAT! Ours grew like crazy this year. We neglected to plant any this year. Smells soo good too.