11 June 2011

Facebook Tagging

I have been told that Ike looks just like me about as often as I have been told he looks just like Eric. Usually the people who tell me he looks just like Eric are more firm in their opinions than the people who say he looks just like me. A handful of people tell me that he is a healthy mix.

Last week I uploaded a handful of photos of Ike to Facebook. If you aren't aware, Facebook now will attempt to identify and tag the people in your photos for you so you don't have to do it manually. Sometimes Facebook gets it right - sometimes Facebook gets it wrong.

I was pleased to see this suggestion when the tagging stage began:
Of course, there was also a photo of Ike that Facebook suggested I tag as my friend, Jennifer. So maybe Facebook isn't all-knowing after all.

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Ana said...

What is that in his mouth?