01 June 2011

Ike's Friend

This is the stairway in our house. It holds Ike's most favorite light. He likes most lights, but he loves this one. He looks for it whenever we are going up or down the stairs. Once his eye catches it, he has difficulty looking away.

Meanwhile, I need something to do with that large window on the landing. That vacant place is what I stare at when I go up or down the stairs. Suggestions?

1 comment:

Packrat said...


I think the banister railing needs to contrast.

If there is not a pretty view from the window, a picture or tapestry or quilted wall hanging could be hung above the window. This would draw the eye from the window. And/or on the windows use some kind of blinds that can open and close but should match the wall paint. (For this type of window the blinds should be inside the opening not over it).


The walls could be painted a pale color (so the area stays feeling light and airy and not closed in).


For simplicity sake, use contrasting colored blinds on the windows.

I kind of like it just the way it is, but it does look somewhat sterile.

Whatever. Do what suits your taste.