26 September 2010

A workaday world

Back in March I gave a brief description of Eric's job. I usually don't talk about Eric's job a whole lot, just like I do not talk about my own that much. It is partly because there just isn't a lot to say about our jobs, but also because I like to keep our professional lives pretty separate from the blog. I don't ever want to get into any kind of trouble for saying something on my blog about our jobs that could somehow get either of us into some kind of trouble. (While I'm explaining that, please take note that I NEVER name the companies that either of us currently work for, so please also refrain from doing that when you comment. Thanks!)

That whole paragraph does have a point, and it is thus - Eric got a promotion and a transfer to his company's Salt Lake branch. This is a huge blessing for us, and we are very excited about this new transition. Of all the things I am most excited about, the main one is that he will have a normal schedule. Last night was his last graveyard shift EVER. Since he's worked graveyard shifts our entire marriage (sans the year we were in New Zealand), I'm not particularly bothered by being by myself overnight. (I got over any qualms I had about that very quickly.) But it is kind of lame that he would often leave our flat on Sunday night at about 11 and not return until Tuesday evening. No more of that. He will be working regular office hours. We're going to see each other every single evening. I don't even know what that is like! But I'm excited for it.


Packrat said...

With the baby coming, this is indeed a wonderful blessing. Enjoy your evenings together.

Jon said...

So I take that means he doesn't want to come work for my company anymore ;)

trishtator said...

Very cool! That's excellent news for the family.