16 September 2010

Clever title here

I've been meaning to post for days, but the camera is never in the apartment. Plus, I'm busy.

Tomorrow I am having my gestational diabetes test. Plus an iron test. Plus a shot in the hip so my kid doesn't get hemolytic disease of the newborn, or HDN. Plus I have a regular appointment. Also big deadlines for work.

And it's Eric's birthday.

So, for this gestational diabetes test. You get this little soda drink. You chug it in five minutes and get your blood drawn exactly one hour after drinking it. You can't have eaten anything two hours prior to the drink, and you (obviously) can't eat or drink anything besides water between drinking the substance and getting your blood drawn. My midwife gave me the drink at my last appointment, like four weeks ago. It has been in my fridge since then.

Tonight I was telling Eric that I had to drink that orange drink first thing tomorrow morning and that I wouldn't be having breakfast until after I got my blood drawn. He then said, "Oh, I'm glad I didn't drink it. I've been wanting it for a while." It made me laugh. Because I don't think it's a particularly yummy drink. And because I DID tell him when I brought it home from my appointment a month ago that it was for my gestational diabetes test.

I think if he had drunk it I would have made him go get his blood drawn just to top off the experience.


Lanette said...

Hahaha, how funny! I don't imagine that drink is tasty, but you'll have to let us know if it is. I have a major fear of needles, so I'm wishing you luck, even though I know you'll be fine, and probably won't be phased by them =)

Packrat said...

As you have now figured out, that stuff is nasty. Good luck with all your tests.

Happy birthday, Eric!

The Everitts said...

It just tastes like overly sweetened orange soda to me. Gross, but not too awful.