30 September 2010


Yes, my blog-fodder reservoir is so low that I am blogging about my shoes.

Compared to most American women, I do not have a lot of shoes. I have never been a shoe-guru. I certainly appreciate a pair of cute shoes, but when it comes to buying shoes I am rarely capable of letting go of my money to buy a pair unless I know that I will wear them a lot.

I am more interested in comfort and functionality than I am interested in style. Consequently, I do not own a lot of really adorable shoes. I see a lot of adorable shoes, but then I realize that those shoes would probably hurt my feet and/or make my back hurt, and I don't buy them.

One of my biggest pet peeves in traveling, actually, is that I hate to be that person wearing clunky and ugly tennis shoes at all the tourist places, but there are no other more comfortable shoes. And if I'm going to be walking around the National Mall and visiting umpteen Smithsonians, I don't want my feet and back to be killing me by the end of the day. And my feet and back would kill me by the end of a block or two if I were wearing some of my cuter shoes. (You can trust me on this. I park 1.5 blocks from the Family History Library, and even that little walk will often make my feet and lower back hurt all day long if I am not wearing tennis shoes.)

Perhaps the solution is to buy better quality cute shoes, but I have not found that the quality of a cute shoe matters a whole lot. Most shoes just do not have the support that I need to have a comfortable shoe-wearing experience.

So I am the girl with not very many shoes, who gets out of my shoes as soon as I walk into my flat.

(As you can probably tell, the bottom four rows of the shoe rack are mine. Missing are my pair of black flats. They happen to be right where I left them when I walked in the door from work today.)


Jenny said...

there is wisdom in this post...

heidikins said...

There is definitely wisdom and practicality in this post. Which means that I am neither wise or practical. These are terms I have come to accept and no longer worry about. ;)

I bought a pair of Dankso's last winter (in oxblood red patent leather) and loved how comfortable they have been, for an hour, or for 18 hours. Granted, they aren't cheap, but they are cute (see: shiny and red) and really comfortable.

...those are perhaps my only "sensible" shoes.


Jessica Leigh said...

And then there's me... or better, my mom. Shoes. We do shoes.

My feet can handle most shoes (partially, I believe, due to the years of torture they received dancing), but my mom has found that having a couple pairs of inserts can make a world of difference! That way she can just put them in whichever shoes she is wearing and get the support needed (she has REALLY high arches and a horrible back). Who knows... might work for you as well! :)

trishtator said...

Do I see furry flip-flop slippers??? Go Sherry!