22 September 2010

Meet George

When I was in Dallas for a week visiting my family, Eric got lonely. He was in his parents' yard helping them out when he found several praying mantises living their praying mantis lives. He decided to capture one and keep it as a pet.

And thus we have George. He lives in one of my vases with some twigs. He likes to eat grasshoppers, crickets and moths. When we were in Jackson Hole, my nephews helped Eric catch a whole bunch of crickets for George to eat. When Eric finds bugs in the apartment, he catches them and feeds them to George.

Eric wasn't sure how crazy I would be about George, and he anticipated that he'd have to get rid of George when I got home. But I like George.

I do not have to feed George. George does not shed. George does not demand any of my attention. George does not mess or barf on the carpet. George eats free and very cheap foods. We can leave George for a couple of days without worrying about him. George stays in his vase. George does not make any noise. George keeps Eric incredibly entertained, and I enjoy watching him catch his food too. I am a fan of George, the praying mantis.


Jenny said...


leighana said...

cool! i've never heard of a praying mantis as a pet. but i dont judge, i sincerely want a duck as a pet. :P

Packrat said...


Angela Noelle of SK said...

George rules.

But I miss Ninja. /sniff

Jessica Leigh said...

Hahaha... pure awesomeness!