01 September 2010

Delayed Photos

At the end of July we took a trip to Northern California to attend a friend's wedding and also to meet my cousin for the very first time. Unfortunately, we "lost" our camera (technically, it was stolen by one of Eric's clients) just before the trip, so we only had Priscilla's camera. That means when we split up and she headed to Southern California, and we headed to Even More Northern California, we stopped being able to capture our journey.

Anyway, here's a brief run-down of mine and Eric's first ever trip to Northern California:

We crossed the Salt Flats. I had never seen them before. Eric, apparently had never tasted salt before.

The wedding was in the Oakland Temple. It's a beautiful temple, and we were glad we got to add it to our list of temples we've been to.
We then drove to San Francisco. Priscilla bought sourdough bread that was impossible to tear.

And we rented bikes and rode them up to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. I was so exhausted just getting to the bridge that I seriously contemplated quitting and letting Priscilla and Eric go without me. In the end, I was glad I went.

I may look happy here, but that is only because I knew the way back to the bike shop would be mostly downhill.
When we got back to our car in Oakland and were heading to Stockton for the reception, I commented that I was a big weenie. Priscilla agreed. I told her to shut her piehole. She just laughed. Seriously, though. This was a really easy bike ride that was incredibly difficult for me. Bike riding is not one of my best things.


Alice said...

That sourdough bread is worth the whole trip. I have always love the Golden Gate Bridge. When I was little we would go to the "City" for my brithday.

Priscilla said...

The sourdough was amazing...but the chocolate chip cookie I got from the same store was even more amazing! And it was a crispy cookie! Oh the wonders of San Fransisco!

And Sherry, you are a wimp. We had been biking for only 20 minutes when you first started to complain!

michael ann said...

awww you made me miss my old city! mr mike always talks about how "san franciso" i am because my fav sandwhich in the world is sour dough salami swiss mustard. haha, so glad you got some deliciousness!

heidikins said...

I *love* the Salt Flats!!! I'm so glad you stopped!

Also--I am a bike whimp, don't feel badly about wanting to give up early.


John said...

So, biking is out for your trip to Jackson? That's too bad, your niece & nephews had that on the top of their list.

Marcindra LaPriel said...

I once had a class with Priscilla! Back in my American Studies days.

Small world!