18 January 2010

This and that

Good news! My drawing pencils have been located. This means I can't use the "My husband can't remember where he packed my drawing pencils," excuse for not practicing. I'll have to go back to the old standard, which is, "I thought about practicing a lot, but I did other stuff instead."


Plus, now that I've spent a lot more time looking through all those packed boxes, I have a much better idea of where things are, where they should be and where they might actually be. If I am wise then I will spend some time in the next few months sorting through some of those boxes and throwing stuff away so I don't have to move it again. Although, I do not really see this happening.


We got a new video camera for Christmas, and we haven't really used it yet. We'll have to find something worth filming so we can play with our new toy.


We are thinking about going to Europe this year for our fifth anniversary. Eric even put together a slide show with cities we could visit, and he made a list of ticket prices to various cities in Europe, which I then put into a spreadsheet. Then we searched for the costs of flying to those same cities from D.C. and using our Southwest Airlines credits to get us to D.C. to see if that would bring the cost down (as opposed to flying out of Salt Lake City). It was spreadsheet bliss! Next to calculate the costs of hostels in different towns in Central Europe. The fun thing about planning possible trips is that even if you don't end up going, you still get to make spreadsheets!


A couple of weeks ago our niece and nephew (eight years old and six years old, respectively) rode in our car, Rusty. He is a 1996 Mazda 626 with 164,000 miles, and we love him. We especially love him after purchasing Dudley and having him all fixed up. Anyway, the point is not that Rusty is awesome; the point is that the kids were thoroughly entertained by our manual windows, and they wanted to take turns rolling the windows down.


Jenny said...

I get a kick out of manual windows, too. Rusty must be FUN.

Packrat said...

LOL - You, spread sheet. Children - manual windows. Wouldn't those kids have a blast in our old pickup!

Hint - don't wait for something worthwhile to practice with your movie camera. Practice now so that when something happens you'll know how to use it. :)

Another hint - don't throw away before you move. If possible, get settled then donate/throw away.

La Yen said...

I love spreadsheets. And graphs. OH, GRAPHS.