03 January 2010


We just completed our tenth move. We have been married four years and eight months. We should be experts at this by now.

After hanging out with friends until 2 a.m. on New Year's Eve, we had to go back to our apartment, finish getting out all our junk and clean it for the people who were moving in on New Year's Day.

We are still living in Provo, and we are house-sitting. The people for whom we are house-sitting will be returning in mid-April, so we won't be here very long. After getting to our new home at about 4:30 we had to bring in some more stuff from the car, locate various boxes and ready ourselves for bed. We were pretty much ready for bed when Eric realized he had forgotten his pillow in the car.

You know how some toddlers cannot go to sleep without their special blankies? Eric cannot go to sleep without his special pillow. Okay, it's isn't that bad, but he really does struggle without his pillow. His pillow is nothing fancy. In fact, it is the opposite of fancy. It is incredibly flat, but this suits Eric because he sleeps on his belly, and his head is rather large. Pillows that are not sufficiently flat (read: old) cause him to contort his head and neck in a rather uncomfortable way.

So, by the time Eric realizes that he hasn't got his pillow, he's already nearly in bed, which for Eric means that he is in his skivvies. He had already put clothes on to run out to the car twice, and he didn't want to go out again. It was nearing 5:30 at this point, so I handed him a blanket and told him that he could just use it.

I meant to use it as a pillow. He thought I meant to use it as a robe. Which he did. Then he came back in happily with his flat pillow, and we went to bed at 5:30.

And that is how we rang in 2010.


Janssen said...

I am exhausted just imagining that much moving.

Packrat said...

This struck me as incredibly funny. I don't know if you meant it to be.

Anyway, I'm sorry you have to move again. I hope you find a really nice place and can stay there for a while.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Moving . . . yeah, we've done that a lot. I've moved something like 25 times in the last fifteen years, but 10 times in four years certainly has me beat. Good luck in your new digs.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

trishtator said...

Most excellent.

Angela Noelle said...

We lead parallel lives in different hemispheres, I tell you.

Angela Noelle said...

1 - I would like to transport you, as a young girl, to be a student in my class of 2008. Not only would you have LOVED the Room 1 The Readers' Guild, you would have had instant friends in a few of my dears.

2 - I'm so glad you liked The Poisonwood Bible - I've mentioned it before, but I say so again.