10 January 2010


A couple of funny exchanges between Eric and me lately:

Last night we had some folks over, and we gave them some Mud Pie ice cream. It is chocolate ice cream marbled with more chocolate, and it is one of our favorites lately. After the ice cream was served our friend were commenting on how good it was, and one friend said that she was really happy because she got a big chunk of ice cream. Then Eric said, "Yes, I saw a big chunk as I was dishing the ice cream out, and I purposely avoided it so that I could save it for myself." I replied, "Eric! Haven't you learned anything from your mom about being a good host? That's terrible!" Everyone was laughing at Eric's comment and Eric replied to me, "No, see, it's okay, I did it so that I could entertain everybody with the story."

While watching Pride and Prejudice (the one with Collin Firth), right as Mr. Darcy is about to go swimming while Elizabeth is touring his property with her aunt and uncle:

Me: I would not go swimming in that water. It looks gross.
Eric: Is he about to go swimming?
Me: Yes! How can you not remember? Because during the movie you think Mr. Darcy is not very handsome but then he comes out of the water and he suddenly is very handsome, and it changes everything!
Eric: No, I don't remember that at all.


Janssen said...

Oh, I love that Colin Firth. Shot to fame by a wet shirt.

Jenny said...

Clearly hunky men do not have the same impact on your husband as chunky ice cream.

Angela Noelle said...

Miss you.

Erin said...

I always wondered why every time I watch Pride and Prejudice I start off wondering why they picked such a blah Mr. Darcy, but am never too disappointed at the end.