28 January 2010

Missing As

Lately I have been missing New Zealand. A lot. We have been home for a year now, so I've utterly forgotten the things that drove me nuts about living there. Well, okay, I haven't forgotten all of them. But usually when I think of New Zealand, I think of only the great things that I miss.

I miss the sheep.

I miss the foliage.

I miss the Dunedin Botanic Gardens.

I miss the close proximity to Milford Sound.

I miss long walks on the beach.

I miss the views from our flat.

And mostly, I miss our friends:


Marcindra LaPriel said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

A bunch of BYU students just arrived in Invercargill. I'm 100% missing my homestay, kebabs, the smell of Curry Guru, Deep South icecream, and-like you said-I miss the relationships of friends.

Heather said...

Me too!! I could post this as my own. I adore everyone in those pictures!

bubby69 said...

We miss you both too!!!! Its awesome we have our blog sites. I love catching up with all the goss and awesome stories. Come back to us sooner rather than later xxxx

Jaclyn said...

Those pictures are fantastic-- how amazing that you got to live in New Zealand. Hope you get to visit soon to make up for the craving.

AmiZOOKey said...

awwwwwwwwww...you guys!!

Angela Noelle said...


Miss you back.

And great title.