08 August 2009

Review: Mole

This week for Whip it Up, I did the same recipe as my friend, Trish. I hope she doesn't mind that I completely copied her. The thing is, fairly recently my carpool buddy and I were discussing mole (pronounced moh-lay), which is sort of like Mexican curry. Essentially, mole is a sauce/seasoning that usually involves cocoa powder or chocolate of some variety, but, like curry, there are a gazillion different varieties. Incidentally, Trish blogged about making mole for WIU this week, and I knew it was a recipe I would like to try.

The recipe can be found here. I subbed two cans of tomato sauce for the tomato soup because, really, I have very strong opinions against canned tomato soup.
  • Was the recipe easy to follow? - It was very simple.
  • Did the dish taste good? - We both liked the sauce quite a lot. We served it with chicken tacos, and I want to make it again some time with enchiladas.
  • Would you make it again? - Definitely.
And there you have it. Only a few more weeks to go.


trishtator said...

Yay mole! :) So tasty!

Mariah said...

I really like your new blog template! Hope I'm not super late in noticing it since I subscribe in reader.