12 August 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

This weekend Old Navy had a sale on kids' jeans. All kids' jeans were $10. Only, I somehow got the impression that all jeans were $10, so we went to Old Navy to check it out. I was bummed to learn that the sale was only for kids jeans. But then I decided to try on the largest pair of little girl jeans that they had, just to see if they fit. And they did. It was a joyous occasion. Only, now I'm really ticked that I've been buying expensive grownup jeans all this time. What a waste.


Our Internet was cut off on Sunday night. In my excessive panic over the lack of Internet I unplugged my router from my modem, and when I plugged it back in, I accidentally plugged the cord into the wrong port in the router. When the Internet came back on on Monday, my router became what is called a "rogue" router and made the other folks in my apartment complex also lose Internet. So, the Internet company turned my Internet off for real this time. (As opposed to the general outage of Sunday night). There were complications. There was angry talking to the Internet company on my part. There was being treated like an idiot by the Internet people. There was much annoyance that I do not have control of who my Internet provider is. Then there was getting the Internet turned back on. Finally.

I have determined that I am a bit of a customer service terrorist. I want X, Y, and Z, and if I do not get them I will find another company. It is frustrating when I cannot be a customer service terrorist.


The results of the poll are in. Thirteen said yes. Only four said no. This just goes to show you that Matt and Michelle should have let me a host a poll about the name of their baby. They have named their baby, but I do not know what their privacy preferences are. If they care to share, either of them can leave a comment.


I'm reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. It is blowing my mind. I hope that it becomes the modern version of The Jungle.


AmiZOOKey said...

Talking of new jeans....your kiddy jeans escapade reminded me of this....

Jenny said...

AmiZOO; THAT was hilarious.
Clearly, if you fit into kiddie jeans, you can no longer be my friend. (just kidding, but it did cross my mind)
I think there is a bit if CST in all of us--when you have kids, you call it the mother bear instinct, but it's really just inner violence expressing itself in different forms.
I happen to be reading The Jungle.
Now I'm a bit freaked out about what possible depressing horrors could exist in the next version?

trishtator said...

Yay for kids clothes. I love buying boys running shoes. They're so comf.

B +E + L said...

I own a pair of kiddy pants from old navy however I had to go for the huskies. I love them. So comfy! I bought them forever ago, this reminds me I need some more :)