27 August 2009


I received a text message from my old roommate, Priscilla, on Sunday night. In effect the text said that we had an anniversary coming up this week. The anniversary of our meeting each other is today. Skilla and I met six years ago today. Heather and I met six years ago tomorrow. Janssen and I met six years ago... some time this week. I know I met her before Skilla and Heather because she and I were both at BYU early (for two different reasons).

Priscilla knew the date of our anniversary because she wrote it down in her journal. I however, did not write down when I met her. I must be a terrible roommate. Here are a few things I did write, though: (Please note that the days of the week correlate with the days of the journal entries, not necessarily with the days of the events).
30 August 2003, Saturday:
I'm really getting to enjoy my roommate, Priscilla. She's really energetic and fun. I also like my neighbors, at least the ones that are here. The girls to the left haven't arrived yet. The ones on the right are Janssen and Heather. Heather has been hanging out a lot with Priscilla and me.

14 September 2003, Sunday:
Dad sent me some coupons, so Priscilla (my roommate), Chad (our friend) and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to stock up on snack foods since I don't have any time to eat on Sundays now.
[. . .]
After the recital, I went to this big party with Priscilla, our neighbor (Heather), and Chad. It was a huge party/dance for all the folks that live in Desert Towers and Heritage Halls. I had such a blast just dancing my heart out. I could feel the stress leaving my body.

20 September 2003, Sunday:
After the Elevator Club meeting, I called home and grandpa. Then I went to dinner with Priscilla and Heather. Then we spent a very productive three hours in the library. I'm still not caught up though. :(

28 September 2003, Sunday
[. . .] Then Priscilla, Heather and I had a chica-movie night. We watched The Goonies because neither of them had ever seen it.
And that is all that I wrote about those three girls the entire first month we knew each other. I wrote in my journal a lot that year. Just not much about them, apparently. The stupid thing is that I wrote a lot about at boy (whom I dated back then and is clearly no longer a part of my life), finances and classes. If I could go back in time, I would write more about the fun things we did together our freshman year. I fear that my posterity will not really get how much fun I had that year with those girls. Although, maybe I just need to read a little more and I will find that I wrote about them more as the months progressed. One can only hope.


Alice said...

It is funny how when we look back, things that were important to us at the time mean nothing. Yet, things that didn't mean much really made a difference in our lives.

Jenn said...

Oh, I totally agree! I wish I had written down more STORIES. College was really the greatest time of my life (so far) and I grimace when I think that all I have written about it is my pathetic boy dramas and my classes.

Packrat said...

Amen to Alice and Jenn's comments. We think we will always remember people, incidents, things. Well, we don't.

John said...

I wrote nearly every day on my mission. I enjoy re-reading my journal but realize how often I didn't write about the right things. Or in other words, the stuff I wrote doesn't seem as important. I still am greatful to have those journals.

Bart said...

I'm interested to see how your posts evolve during your sophomore year, especially when you start dating Eric. :)