15 August 2009

Review: Chinese Dumplings

Today we made Abe and Erin's recipe for dumplings. (Is it mostly Erin's recipe? This I do not know, but Erin is welcome to pipe in!)

We'd eaten this recipe a couple of times with Abe and Erin, and I'd always wanted to try it. I'm glad I finally did.
  • Was the recipe easy to follow? - Yes. We made the pork dumplings, although we originally planned to make the vegetarian ones. When I called Abe to ask what kind of bean paste he counseled me to forget the vegetarian ones and just do the pork. He said it would be worth the extra cost.
  • Did the dish taste good? - Yes, yes, yes.
  • Would you make it again? - I will make it. However, as you can tell from the recipe it is a fair amount of work, especially if you are doing all the dumpling folding yourself, which we did. Also, I would not even attempt this recipe without a food processor.
Maybe one day we will totally rip off Abe and Erin and have these dumplings be a reason to host a party. That would require some planning though. And lately our Saturdays involve zero planning.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I make egg rolls with a similar filling. I usually use one of those hand choppers and that works really well. Of course, I don't make 300 of the little flippers.

Jenny said...

WHERE oh where? On this planet do you get dumpling skins? I'm intrigued more by the social aspect of this recipe than by the actual pork filling. I have just the invitees in mind... Do clue me in!

Erin said...

Alas, it is Abe's recipe more than mine. I just follow along. Glad they turned out well!

Packrat said...

Sounds delicious. Our neighbors have a tamale party every Christmas. Tons of fun and laughter and food. And, Yolanda always sends everyone home with some.