13 October 2008

Wheat Biscuits

When we go back to the States, I'm really going to miss wheat biscuits. The brand name is Wheat Bix, but we never buy those, so I feel the need to refer to the general name of wheat biscuits, even though we actually call them wheat bix when we talk about them.

Wheat biscuits are so delightful, but I refused to try them for about the first three months that we were here. They just didn't appeal to me at all. Eventually, I broke down and ate them. Then I became completely hooked.

They are really good for you- high in fiber and protein plus other good stuff that comes in wheat. Think of them as shredded wheat but better.

I prepare mine every morning in a very particular way.
  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Got to kitchen and put four biscuits in a bowl.
  3. Top with sugar.
  4. Pour milk on top.
  5. Let the biscuits soak for a moment while you put the milk away and close the sugar.
  6. Eat wheat biscuits while checking email, reading blogs and checking Facebook.
When I told Makereta that I would miss wheat biscuits, she insisted that I wouldn't miss them once I had ready access to sugary cereals again. I don't think she's right, though. I really love wheat biscuits. Heaps.


Alicia K said...

Wheat bix are so good with warm milk. either microwave them once you have covered them in milk or poor hot milk over them. yummmmmmm

Janssen said...

They actually look quite good. . . I'm surprised to find myself thinking that.

A or H Bowen said...

My boys are missing Wheat Bix, Trey keeps asking me to get some at the store. He is struggling to remember we can't... Ugh! I hope you addded LOTS of sugar.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Ooo! Wheatabix! They actually sell them at my local grocery store. I prefer Shredded Wheat, however; Wheatabix get too soggy.

I miss Milo.
And Tim Tams.

Oh, sweet Tim Tams.

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

Esky has these every morning for breakfast. Sans sugar...and she loves them still.