22 October 2008

Review: White Chocolate Fudge

A while back I helped out at our branch activity. To thank me, the person who headed the activity, Megan, gave me some fudge. When she gave it to me, she told me it was made by Kate, a former member of the branch who moved to Australia and is famous for being awesome in every possible way. At least, I've only ever heard good things about her, and that is why I think of her as "Famous Kate." Frankly as I looked at the fudge I wasn't that impressed. It didn't even look like fudge- as in, it was the color of caramel, not the color of fudge, but I thanked Megan and told her I was excited to see if the fudge was as yummy as she said it was.

It was. Eric thought so too and told me to get my hands on the recipe. So I sent an email to Megan, and she was ever so courteous to give me the recipe:

White Chocolate Fudge

Put in a large microwavable bowl:
-200 gms of butter (That's 7/8 cups of butter, or 7 oz., or 14 tbsp.)
-1 1/2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
-4 tbsp. golden syrup
- 1 1/2 cups brown sugar

Megan says that it works better to use the best quality of each item. I've used the cheap brand of condensed milk and brown sugar and been fine.

Mix the ingredients somewhat. You won't be able to mix it all the way because your butter is probably in a big hunk, but no matter. Put the mixture in the microwave and heat on medium-high for 15 minutes total in 2-4 minutes blasts. (Megan suggests 5 x 3 minutes blasts, and that has worked great for me). Beat with an electric mixture between each blast in the microwave. The mixture should begin to look dark and thick.

Then beat in 1 white chocolate bar (like, a candy bar that you would buy at the store, not baking chocolate). Break it into cubes for faster melting. Then pour into a lined tin and chill until set.

You can read hear about golden syrup. I really don't know what the best substitute will be in the States, so if anybody gives this a shot, definitely comment about what works and what doesn't.

The chocolate bar needs to be rather large- about the size of two Mr. Goodbars. In the states, I recommend a King-size Cadbury Dream bar.

We made this last night for our Young Women's activity, and it turned out great. Then I made it again today with Makereta. Another success.


Mariah said...

This looks SO good, mostly because every single ingredient is so rich and sinful. I don't know if I'll get to make it for a while, but I look forward to when I can!
Also, I have a little blurb off of a thing that I have about golden syrup:
"Golden syrup is not as easy to source in other countries. Some recipes suggest using corn syrup as a replacement but it will produce a different result. Golden syrup can be found in specialty stores if not readily available."
It's only cane sugar and water in syrup form, but I don't know how the taste is so different.
I also know it's different to treacle, even though I have no idea what treacle is.
Hope that helps!

Fionna said...

This fudge is delish. I can't wait to get home and make it!