15 October 2008

This and That

I've listened to two of the presidential debates, and I'm sick of the word "fundamental" and any of it's derivatives.
Six days left of early morning seminary. Then what will I do when the sun and birds wake me up at 6:20?
I'm sort of working, but I'll only get paid if the sites I'm creating make money. For now, at least I'm doing something all day. I hope it works out, but if not, nothing lost but time.
I've been swimming a lot lately, and I love the website SwimPlan.com. Put in your info, and it will give you customized swimming workouts. Tell it if they are too easy or too hard, save your favorites, adjust your settings any time. Pretty awesome.
General Conference was awesome. Favorite talks: Elder Anderson, President Uchtdorf, Elder Wirthlin, Elder Holland, and Elder Christofferson.
Eric and I went eight whole days without eating meat. Today we are having green curry with ground beef, carrots, potatoes and onion in coconut milk. Meat. I've missed it, but I'm glad that I am learning how to make healthy meals out of whole grains that meet all of my protein requirements.

1 comment:

Janssen said...

I NEED that recipe for the green curry.

And I went four days without meat last week. I rock. But only half as much as you.