07 October 2008

Conference Prep

I don't think I ever mentioned that the same day I got laid off, I also was asked to be an advisor to some of the young women in my branch (or congregation for any non-Mormons). It has been a delight to work with my three little twelve and thirteen-year-olds. They are really sweet girls.

I am in charge of Wednesday night activities for this month for all of the Young Women in the branch (about a dozen girls). Last week we had a really rousing game of Name that Tune (with the LDS hymnal). This week we are putting together activity packets for the children of both branches that meet in our buildings. The packets will be distributed before General Conference, which actually happened last week, but we are watching this week. (Otherwise we'd have to watch the Saturday sessions at 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sunday, then the Sunday sessions at the same times, only on Monday.) If anyone has any other suggestions for what we ought to do for the next few weeks, feel free to share!

I'm really excited for General Conference. It only happens twice a year, and I always look forward to hearing from the living prophets. I'm also excited to keep my eyes peeled for Eric's mom, who is in the choir. (In fact, we even went to a couple of stores today to see if we could find a laser pointer to show our friends in the congregation which second soprano is Eric's mom, but we couldn't find one.)


Mariah said...

I always liked baking when I was in Young Women. As a service project. As long as we got to have some of the baking too.
And something they've done a few times in our ward is make tied quilts for the new mums and babies in the ward. It's a quick enough project that you can do a few in one night as long as everyone helps. If you like the idea and don't know how to make a tied quilt let me know.
Another memorable one growing up was the leaders gave us all an assignment that would fulfill one of our Personal Progress goals, mine was to learn how to sing I Am A Child of God in Spanish and then teach it to the rest of the Young Women. The assignments were given out a couple weeks ahead of time and the activity was where everyone fulfilled the goal i.e. I taught the other girls, people displayed their crafts or shared about their experience etc. It was a good way to get everyone to fulfill a goal because we didn't even have to figure it out ourselves.

JaiJai Jillian said...

When you say children, I'm guessing you mean your YWs and seminary kids? Well, I would tell them to look for how many times the speakers talk about scriptures or stories you've brought up in class. It keeps them looking the whole time whether they've chosen a question to pray about for conference or not.

I did this for my primary kids (I'm the primary chorister) concerning the songs. I told them to listen because they WILL sing some of the ones we know this year. I thought they would only hear "We thank thee o God for a prophet" since they always sing that one... and then they had a Primary choir sing for the second session! Love it!

Alice said...

You may want to make fudge, the fast microwave type and take it to some not so active girls. Also have the girls give some one an heart attack. Were you cut out tons of harts and put them on someones desk, bed, door step what ever with another gift or card, that they make themself. Play broom ball. Make a dinner for a family in need.