30 January 2014

Ike Speaks

The last time I wrote about funny things that Ike has said I failed to mention that a lot of the funny things that come out of his mouth are funny because of his mispronunciation or because of his intonation. Some words that he mispronounces:
  • boffice (office)
  • bopen (open)
  • heytopper (helicopter)
  • Gwamma Caffeine (Grandma Kathleen) (He doesn't actually call her that, but we've been teaching him important things like his parents' first names and grandparents' first names. So now when we say something about Grandma, he always clarifies "Gwamma Caffeine." Which is possibly better than "Other Gwamma," which is what he used to say to distinguish between Grandma Great and Eric's mom.)
Sometimes when he repeats the same thing over and over again he gets confused about what he's trying to say.

"You have headache, Mom?" (Repeated in various forms many, many, many times.) Finally morphed into, "You have bad haircut in your hair, Mom?"

"I want my butterfwy bwanket." (Repeated many times.) Eventually it morphed into, "I want my butterfwy book."

When asked "Why?" he will usually respond with, "Because, right now."

He doesn't really understand the word "because." (As seen above.) But also in such gems as:
  • I'm sick because I need medicine.
  • You going work mom? Because I'm going Drake's house!
He's pretty good at prepositions, but "for" is his default if he doesn't know the right one. 
  • You take picture for me, mom?
  • I gived it for Felix.
His possessive pronouns need a little work:
  • I going to eat mine toast on floor.
  • This ours green car!
  • That yours cookie, Felix!
As much as I love listening to him get things right (like after we practice saying a word properly), I also really adore how cute his speech is right now, and I don't want to forget it.

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