20 January 2014

A Typical Day

Janssen has written a couple of blog posts where she chronicles her day with a photo an hour. After the first one I thought it would be a great idea to copy her (It's the highest form of flattery, right?). I started taking pictures one day and soon forgot to continue taking them. I called it a loss until she posted her second one, and I realized if I set an alarm to go off every hour, then I would actually be able to manage this not-so-monumental feat. (Also, she took some flak on Facebook from people who said her day was unrealistic. I wanted to see how good or bad my day would look if I stopped what I was doing and took a picture at the same time every hour.)

So, here's what was going on in my most recent Thursday on the 10's.

By 8:10 we've eaten breakfast, and it's time to get dressed for the day. But somebody doesn't want to comply.

At 9:10 I tackle these dishes, most of which were from the day before.

At 10:10 I'm vacuuming and find this gem embedded in my carpet. I believe it was formerly a Mike and Ike. Thanks, children.

11:10 finds me throwing airplanes for my little boy. He fetches them, and we do this for quite a while.

By 12:10 everyone is lunched and happy, so we play in the living room for a while before naps.

At 1:10 I'm working in bed while the boys nap. (I bet you love the edits I did so you can't read the details on my screen. I'm a Paint all-star.)

2:10. Still working.
At 3:10 this guy has just woken up from his nap and is ready for a diaper change.
4:10. The kids are playing, and I'm stitching up the trim of this rather old and very beloved blanket of Eric's.

At 5:10 Eric is about to walk in the door, and I'm rounding up the children so we can walk Ike's friend home before dinner. She does not wish to leave.

6:10. After dinner (slow cooker stroganoff from Mel's Kitchen Cafe) we play in the living room. Tonight's activities include pushing Felix on his car, helping Felix practice walking, and taking turns rolling each other up in the beloved blanket mentioned above. Also tickling. Always tickling.

7:10. Felix is down for bed, and I putz around on the Internet while Eric puts Ike down.

8:10. Watching a couple of episodes of The West Wing with Eric .

At 9:10 we're winding down for the night and reading scriptures.

By 10:10 I'm pajamized and reading The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt while I wait for Eric to finish getting ready for bed.

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