29 April 2012

Seven Years

For Christmas I gave Eric 12 envelopes, and each envelope had the idea for a date for each month of the year. Some of the envelopes even had a necessary supply or two. (For instance, the symphony tickets that had been given back in September. And the free movie pass we had which went into March's envelope so we could see The Hunger Games.) I had gotten the idea from Pinterest, but our Christmas budget didn't allow me to fund all the dates for the year, like the original person did. That is why some are funded, some aren't, and some are partly-funded. Eric's love language is quality time, so my real intent was to make a concerted effort to spend planned, quality time with Eric each month. So far, it's been a lot of fun. January we hosted a Chinese New Year Party, complete with dumpling making, which was something we'd wanted to do for a while. February was dinner and the symphony. March was supposed to be The Hunger Games, but we didn't get to it until early April. And our April date is what this post is really supposed to be about.

Our April date was a trip to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. We have made this our anniversary date a few times, and we always enjoy it. This year we went on a Friday afternoon when Eric got off from work a little early. We let Ike tag along (because his admission is still free), and we counted it as our anniversary date. (Our anniversary is today. We celebrated the Friday before last.)

 Next year we'll do it again, but with two babies in tow. Wowza.


Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary!


Obviously those dates have been working...

Jenn said...

Whoa...seven years! I feel like we haven't even been adults that long...how have you been married seven years?

trishtator said...

I too am married to a "quality time" individual (and I'm some combination of words of affirmation and physical touch), and we did well at this for a while. When I was working at the place, actually. We had monthly "fun activity day" and then we kept a list of all the fun things we had done. One time we went up to a mountain lake (at the end of March), and watched the ice calve into the river. It was amazing.

Congrats on seven years! (And on your small person-to-be.)