30 April 2012


I feel like this April has been really busy. I feel like that because it has been. I had three work trips this month - Pittsburgh, Albuquerque and Houston. Because of that my weekly hours have been up from about 20 per week to more like 32.

Eric has a lot on his plate at work right now. Plus he's trying to get the hill that is our back yard terraced with retaining walls built of rocks. Then we'll have to put in plants. Plus Eric planted our vegetable garden while I sat in a camp chair and watched. (I did do a whole bunch of weed-pulling in the gardens and the front yard the following week.)

I'm not sure what Ike has been so busy doing, but he's all tuckered out as well.
This happened in real life. Yesterday.

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Jenny said...

Those are some of my favorite and most sweet moments in life...