06 October 2011

Ten Months

My baby is becoming quite the boy! Ike can do all sorts of tricks now like toting around two binkies while he has one in his mouth, finding tidbits of food left on plates that have been loaded into the dishwasher and smashing his fingers in file cabinet drawers.

His babbling has advanced quite a bit this month. In addition to babbling with his mouth shut, (I'm 100% positive the pacifier has stunted his language skills, but I continue to shove it in his mouth anyway.) he also started saying "mamamamababamama" and "dadadadayayadayayaya" this month. Neither of those repeated syllable combos necessarily refer to his favorite people, but they bring us joy nonetheless.

Ike is obsessed with other children. He gets a kick out of just watching them play. Sometimes in the afternoon we will sit outside on the lawn so he can watch the neighbors ride their bikes up and down the street.

He likes to eat whatever the people around him are eating, and he knows if you try to trick him into eating something else. (The kid doesn't have the wits to wave or clap, but heaven help you if you try to feed him Cheerio-like cereal while you are having a grilled cheese sandwich.)

Ike has an affinity for being naked, and loves to make us chase him after diaper changes and baths.

He has learned to dance. And by "dance" I mean bounce up and down whenever he hears music. If he notices that you are observing him, he will stop. If you try to dance to encourage him to dance, he will stare at you like he doesn't know what on earth you are doing.

His favorite toy is a xylophone that Eric got for him at a yard sale this past month. If we want to be honest, the xylophone isn't nearly as interesting to Ike as the plastic xylophone mallet, which he carries around with him and waves in the air with great triumph. He tries to use the mallet to play the xylophone but usually ends up just throwing the mallet.

Speaking of throwing, that is another of Ike's favorite things to do. He throws pretty much anything. Then he goes and picks it up and throws it again. Unless he's angry - in which case he just throws things as soon as you hand them to him.

Ike pulls himself to standing, occasionally stands without support for very short periods of time (about 3 seconds), and walks along furniture (and with the help of foolish grownups who think it's fun to teach him to walk - myself included). I think he'll be walking by the next month's report.

He also loves to climb stairs, but he hasn't figured out how to come down. And if I leave the dishwasher open, he'll climb on the door. The first time he did that and I noticed I said, "Oh, you are doing that thing that all babies do at some point! How clever!"


Janssen said...

Ella just climbed on the dishwasher door for the first time yesterday. Blah.

Angela Noelle of SK said...

...all children with dishwashers, I guess. HA!

Have you read about schemas? It's not for everyone...but I love it! Your post makes me think of it, because it sounds like Ike's a trajectory/climber! Esky was a transporting/arranger - liked to carry things from one place to another and line things up...VERY rarely climbed anything and still doesn't throw things unless WE suggest it.

Love watching humans learn so differently!

Lanette said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how big Ike is! He is just so cute. And I just might be a bit jealous that you have a dishwasher ;)

Packrat said...

Such a cute post! Ike is just darling. Yes, he'll be walking and talking before you can blink.