17 October 2011

Rock Stars and Parenting

I've seen this little video shared on Facebook about 150 million times in the past few days. I finally got around to watching it today. It's the lead singer of the band The Killers talking about his Mormon faith, and it's a nice little video. I've put it at the bottom so you can watch it if you haven't yet.

I think the thing that really struck me was this short quote about being a parent:
 It's like there's a chamber in your heart that you don't know exists that opens up when you have a baby. You know, it's been such a great experience. I'm overflowing with that love that I didn't know was there before.

Every day when Eric and I are getting ready for bed we talk about how much we love our little guy. I always knew I'd love my kid (and I'm sure I'll love my future kids too), but I never could have comprehended just how much I'd love him.


Packrat said...

The love for your child is amazing. And, then the grandchildren come along, and there is a whole new love added.

heidikins said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!


Janssen said...

I feel the same way - I am just OVERWHELMED by how much I love my child. And I don't even really like children.