04 October 2011

Game Day

I'm a reasonably passionate BYU football fan. (Why, yes, yes this has been a rough year so far. No need to rub it in, thanks.) I haven't been to a game in quite a while, but I feel very passionately about one thing about people who do attend the games: choice of t-shirt color.

Is it that hard to wear a t-shirt in either blue or white? Really? You'll shell out heaps of money for your season tickets (or even just one ticket!) but you can't spend another $10 to pick up a t-shirt of the appropriate color at any local grocery store?

There's always those few people in the middle of a sea of blue and white wearing green or yellow, or worse - red. What's with those people? It is something I seriously cannot comprehend.

I understand that in the winter time if you are attending a game in the cold you might just have to wear your coat, and your coat is probably not white or blue. I'll give leeway to for that. But in the middle of the summer, can you not find a white shirt in your wardrobe? It doesn't even have to be a BYU shirt. It just needs to blend in, for crying out loud!

The season ticket holders (i.e. the old people) are the WORST. I don't know what's going on with them. They cause me to scowl with their non-spirited wardrobe choices. And this year, we have plenty to scowl about with the players. We don't need lousy fans to add to our indignation.


Ana said...

You could make appropriately coloured co-ordinating hats - interest you in a pattern? ;)

Jana said...

A-men. This drives me crazy. If you're enough of a fan to spend money to hang out in a loud stadium for like four hours (often in too hot/too cold weather conditions), at least make an effort to look the part. I could maybe understand schools where the colors are kind of random (purples, goldenrods, teals) but everyone has a white or navy blue shirt! Seriously, I'm glad this bugs someone else too; it's oddly reassuring :).

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Not as rough as it has been for USU. *sigh*

Packrat said...

Okay, you have nothing else to worry about? lol

Roseann said...

Haha, you're great. =) I wear blue, and its even a BYU shirt.