30 November 2010

A Post on Privacy

Every now and then I like to just throw out a few of my own privacy guidelines for my blog:
  • Please don't ever use my last name in your comments.
  • Please don't ever use my maiden name in your comments.
  • If you are referring to shared grandparents, please refer to them as I have in any given post - Grandpa and Grandma L., Grandpa K., Grandpa Van, Captain Jack, etc.
  • If you know what Eric and I are planning to name our child, please do not use this name (now or ever) in the comments. I plan on giving him a blog nickname, and right now I don't know what that is.
  • If you link to me, please just link to my first name or the name of my blog.
I hate to delete comments, and I like it when comments can go up in real time (as opposed to me having to moderate them). But I also like my privacy, and I don't want any creepy Internet stalkers to have an easy job locating me. I know that if a creepy Internet stalker really wanted to learn more about me, it wouldn't be that hard, but you know, I am going to make him/her work for it at least a little bit.


heidikins said...


Seriously, I have sent emails to several persons with this exact lecture.


Lanette said...

I've been thinking I need to set up some privacy rules for my bog too! You're smart. By the way, could you email me what you're naming your baby? I've been meaning to ask =)

P1 Steven said...

idea for fake baby name.. baby baberson.... just throwing it out there!

trishtator said...

I stand by the fact that I am very creepy.

Ana said...

I second P1 Steven's fake baby name suggestion. I like it.