16 November 2010

Adventures in Pregnancy

I know that when I don't put up a blog post for days at a time people probably start to wonder if I've had my baby. I have not.

I did, however, get to spend last night in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital where I plan to deliver. Only in my case, it is better called the "stave-off labor and delivery unit."

In short, I came down with some sort of bug that caused me to lose all my fluids. I couldn't even keep water down. It was really lovely. Earlier in the evening I had been walking in circles around my flat, hoping to walk the baby out. I wasn't feeling great, but I felt okay enough to walk around in circles. As the evening progressed I became worse and worse. Eventually my whole body started to ache, and I was having a whole bunch of non-painful contractions. When the nausea had first set in, I thought it might be a sign of labor because it isn't uncommon for women to become ill before they go into labor. But when my whole body ached and throbbed and I was having so many contractions that I could neither count nor time them, I called my midwife's office and the midwife on call told me to go to the hospital. (It's important to note that these contractions were not painful - just abundant. I was having them so frequently that I wouldn't even notice I was having one until I put my hand on my belly. If my nausea had allowed me to fall asleep, I would have slept right through the contractions.)

And so, at 1 a.m. I was admitted to the hospital, given three bags of fluids and some anti-nausea medicine. The contractions began slowing down within just a couple of minutes of being hooked up to the I.V., and by 5 a.m. I was sent home.

I am fine. I am still a little achey in general, but that is just because of the little bug I have. I've been keeping food and drinks down today, and I intend to spend all day in bed fretting about all the work I'm not getting done. Also napping. And reading. And lamenting the fact that I will not have the energy to spend my evening walking this baby out. (I really, really, really, really, really want him to come this week so he doesn't have a Thanksgiving birthday. Overall, I feel very good and could keep doing this pregnancy thing for a few more weeks, so my wanting to have him this week is all for HIM, not for me, just to clarify.)


Jennifer Lee said...

You and me, both, with the "walk the baby out this week so that we don't have a Thanksgiving baby next week." I'm sorry your evening was so terrible and I hope your little baby comes soon.

Megan said...

Good luck getting that baby to come soon! We can't wait to meet him. We'll be doing the same thing if we get to the week before Christmas and our baby girl hasn't come yet. Just be glad that you didn't go into labor last night while you had your bug. That could have been pretty darn miserable.

P1 Steven said...

Rhonda got VERY sick on Saturday. Refused to go to Dr. till she was uable to get out of the bathroom floor. We went to hospital & they pumped her with fluids. She had Sammy two days later... my prediction? The Baby will be here by Sunday! Wait... is their a baby pool going on?

Packrat said...

Yikes! Baby explosion. (Just kidding, of course.)

I'm glad you are feeling better. Hope your baby arrives soon. (That sounds like he is being delivered by UPS or in the mail.) Anyway, I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Jenny said...

Good luck!
(And you'll be just as thankful for him if he comes Thanksgiving week)

trishtator said...

That's lame you got sick! Best of luck in your walking efforts :)