29 November 2010

40 Weeks

Last week I said that I just wanted to make it through Thanksgiving week, and I didn't really care when my baby got here because I was "feeling really good on a day to day basis." Everything changed this week. My back is killing me. I think it may be sciatica. I'm not really sure, and it doesn't particularly matter. Just know that there is pain. It started on Thursday and has really peaked yesterday and today, so I'm officially done with this whole pregnancy thing. Good thing my midwife said if I haven't had the baby by Wednesday we could schedule for an induction on Friday. I'll have a baby by this weekend. Huzzah!

(Don't let those fake-smiley-faced photos fool you. Standing makes me want to punch people, specifically the people who are making me stand.)

Also, a big shout-out to Megan for lending me her very nice maternity clothes. Seriously, most of the pictures of myself these last several weeks have featured her clothes, and I'm so appreciative of that!


Ana said...

Take a walk up a very steep hill and back. Can't fail.

You will however have killer calf cramps during labour. Maybe. Killer cramps that blot out labour pain. Possibly.

Packrat said...

You do look like you are going to pop. Hopefully, the pain means you are starting labor. You are in my prayers.

Mariah said...

It could be the start of labour. Fingers crossed! With my second my contractions were in my back, and felt just like back pain. Until later on.

Good luck!

(Sciatica runs down your legs as well. Just FYI. Might help to clarify, although you've probably looked it up.)

Lanette said...

Your smile totally had me fooled! You look beautiful. I'm sorry you're in pain, and I'm so excited for you to meet your little one!

Ana said...

Just thought I'd add - I had horrendous pain leading up to Joe's birth - could hardly walk at times. Turns out he was apparently bouncing on a nerve inside of me. OUCHY. What helped? Not moving. A little. Ok not much at all. Sorry :(

(my lame attempt at "sugar coating")

Cindy said...

People kept telling me to wait patiently for my baby to come because, "she's easier to carry and you get more sleep when she's inside you." They lied. I would do labor/delivery/recovery/nursing every day for a month instead of being 9 months pregnant.