06 February 2010

"Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep"

As Valentine's Day draws nearer, I feel the need to advise you in regards to my husband: Do not let him near your box of chocolates unless you want him to eat them all.

Case 1:
Eric's mom gave us a box of chocolates to give to somebody else. They sat at our apartment for a while, and at one point I finally realized that Eric had seen those people a number of times and had not delivered the gift. It was at that point that he informed me he had eaten nearly the entire box.

Case 2:
When we went to the Great Barrier Island, we bought a box of chocolates to give to Makereta's mom. Sometime in the middle of our stay, I noticed that Eric's breath smelled like chocolate, and I asked him what he'd been eating since the only chocolate substance we had was in that box. Of course, he had begun to eat the chocolates in the box. Fortunately, I caught him early enough this time that I was able to also enjoy the spoils.

Case 3:
I got two boxes of Godiva chocolates from my work for Christmas. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I'd hardly gotten into the second box and that I needed to remedy that. Eric then told me that he'd been working on it. When I opened the box there were only about six chocolates left. Boo.

Moral: Eric is not to be trusted in board games nor with boxes of chocolates.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Your post title is my favorite line in Beauty and the Beast.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a man who hangs out in the parallel universe of MY weakness...

Steven said...

I use to be that way w/ ice cream. Half Gallons would be gone in 3 days, but I have changed my habits. Self Control is tough, but I still eat sweets since my diet started, but just smaller portions. A pint of Blue Bell now last me 5 days. I have lost about 15 lbs since the New Year.