18 February 2010

A few thoughts on the Olympics

Did you honestly expect something else?
  • I hate Apolo Ohno's facial hair. It's called a "soul patch." Is it meant to be holding his soul in? Also, his hair is too long.
  • I feel no pity for Lindsey Jacobellis for not medaling in the snowboard cross.
  • Four years ago my Olympic nemesis was Bode Miller. He seems much changed and improved, and I find it impossible to despise him.
  • I'm happy for Lindsey Vonn. If I were injured, though, I might have taken a gold and bagged the other events. But I'm a big baby.
  • Shawn White is pretty awesome. And it's a good thing, too, because he looks like a horse. A horse with a beautiful, flowing mane. I kind of wish I had his hair.
  • I love figure skating almost as much as I love that Eric enjoys watching it with me.
  • I hate to be a sexist, but men's halfpipe is much cooler than women's. Step it up, ladies.


kerejenner said...

PAYBACK. This has nothing to do with the olympics blog - I just wanted to make sure you read it. Finally got around to reading your blog and decided to look up stuff you wrote in 2008 (about us) and was surprised that there were pictures of all sorts of people but NOT US! At first I was offended but then it occured to me that it's because you didn't want to be upstaged by our good looks. If I ever create a blog, I'm pasting your picture all over it. You know, to emphasize my hotness. BAM! By the way, what's your number 'cause we get cheap long distance now xoxoxoxoxox

Jenny said...

soul patch?

Tim said...

Eric enjoys ice skating? I guess I'm not all that surprised...