20 May 2009

Trish, the Tomato Whiz

I share an office with Trish. When I started working where I work Trish had some plants on my desk. She said she would move them if I wanted. I told her I liked them there, and there they have stayed.

I have a perfect desk for plants. The sun comes right in all morning. So I got a Sweet 100 tomato plant.

Over the weekend it grew SIX INCHES. Six. I was astounded, and also a little concerned about how I would hold up my plant. Trish said cages cost like $5, and well, that's just ridiculous. Trish said I could hang a string from the ceiling. "I have a lot of yarn," I thought to myself.

So Monday night I set to crocheting a 5-foot thing. I hung it from the ceiling. I tied my tomato plant to it with twist ties (the kind for bread).



Giggles said...

That looks amazing!

Alice said...

Who is going to take care of it when you come to Texas?

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Okay, wait, you would rather crochet a five foot long rope than spend $5 on a tomato cage?

You are just awesome.

AmiZOOKey said...

why not find a reasonably straight stick, bung it in the pot as close to the plan't stem as poss and tie (by twister ties or other means such as yarn) it to the stick? :)
Just a thought.

Jenn said...

For some reason, this is striking me as quite hilarious.