25 May 2009

And you are. . .?

Eric, unfortunately did not inherit his Grandpa L's talent with names. In fact, Eric is so bad with names, that he cannot even name all of his cousins on the K side. He can generally identify which kid belongs to which sets of aunts and uncles, but he just has a really hard time with the names. Of course, you can't really blame him. His mom is one of ten children, and there are something like 50 cousins on the K side. Not to mention the fact that Eric is older than the vast majority of them.

Tonight we went to Eric's parents' house for the usual Memorial Day fare, and some members of the K family were there. It was Kathleen's sister, her husband, and seven of their eight children. We were greeted by his 12 or 13-year-old female cousin who shouted, "Eric! You're here! You're my favorite cousin!" To which Eric replied, "Hi Carie!" "I'm Jenny," she said.

And this was not the first time this exact scenario has happened. Same location. Same cousin. Same name switcheroo. Poor Jenny.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

This is my Plantboy; of course, his excuse is that he didn't really grow up around cousins on either side of the family. And I have one uncle with 8 daughters that was in the military--I'm pretty sure I couldn't get all of those girls correct.

Of course, between the two of us, Plantboy and I have at least 100 first cousins. It would be hard to really know them all.

John said...

Would you mind reviewing with Eric the names of his nephews and niece here in Jackson prior to your visit in July...let's not have another one of these embarassing moments. Oh you might want to remind him that my wife's name is Nicole.