16 May 2009

A Letter to Chevron

Dear Chevron,

Are you seriously charging like a nickle more per gallon to people who don't use cash or a Chevron card? When your prices are already about three cents higher per gallon than the other places around town?

Because it only makes it that much easier for me to hit up the 7-11 right by my flat.

Seriously, what brainiac in the company thought up that excellent marketing tool?

Sorry we can't be friends.




Janet said...

Get a Sinclair card and you get 10 cents off each gallon you buy with the card! And if you shop at Harmon's you can get more cents off depending on how much you spend on groceries!

Packrat said...

One thing I noticed about our local Chevrons is that (1) Yes, their gas is more expensive, but (2) their lowest grade gasoline is like premium or supreme at the cheaper places. Just something to check out.

No, I don't usually buy gas at Chevron. I buy the cheap stuff.