24 May 2009

I knew he'd have to leave the nest some day.

I made a few phone calls and found a place to take Ludwig. Unfortunately, he got into a bit of trauma on the drive there. I think the bumpy roads were a little jarring for him, and when I got there and opened the box to show the lady he was laying on one side.

"Oh no! I guess he didn't make it."

"Yeah, it looks like he didn't."

"Oh wait. He seems to be breathing!"

Then the lady poked around at him and said, well it is a jay. (There had been some confusion about whether he was bluebird or a bluejay). She took him into her room full of birds, made him a nest out of paper towels and fed him some cat food with a little dropper. He seemed to perk up a bit. I told her that Eric had named him Ludwig, and then I left.

I feel like I've done my part for birdkind, and the birds and I can call it good for a few years now.

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